Titulo : Love Energy healer/teacher/speaker

Detalle: Hi there, thank you for the invite as it is my pleasure to share my personal path& be a part in this great change! My personal path is that of unconditional love via lessons learned through this journey we call life. In my love i feel the energies of so and more in all ways. The harnessed intent and careful dedication in devotion as co creator with creation , i willingly work and speak of this in ways of teaching via how mind body spirit are all connected ;;;; rather all as it is is so as one. We all are , the trees the birds
The songs the words the oceans and rocks! With such to be so , our responsibility as a human race needs to realize this simple concept and put into action unconditional love as key to unlocking all that can be, call it paradise: heaven on earth :: whatever the label it is simply the Creators will for all of this world people and everything in it to be in vibrational accordance to that. Un conditioned pure love. God has given us this as free will is so . So being in it i am and am delighted to share all that i know. The mind has more power than one gives , the health benefits for incorporating mind with body as in soul our essence will shine. I appreciate your Works amd may your manifesto be able to reach the masses of those still unaware of power in love as co creators with the creator. Blessed be in this as in all ways with love . Be it so , so be it! I love you and thank you for ALL THAT YOU ARE & do.

Christina Marie Ann McGowan

Love & peace

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