Titulo : Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist

1991 ? 1997: Medical Degree in General Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania. U.S. Equivalency, as determined by World Education Services, Inc.:
First Professional Degree in Medicine.

2000 ? 2002: Masters in Counseling Psychology, concentration in Drama Therapy, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, CA, USA. Studies funded in part by a grant of Open Society Institute.

June 2008: Bowen Family Systems, Emeryville, CA. Supervised by Michael Kerr, MD; Daniel Paperro.

July 2006: Advanced Training in Systemic and Structural psychotherapy, Minuchin Center for the Family. Clinical supervisors: Salvador Minuchin, MD; Ema Genijovich, Lic.
New York, NY, USA.

March 2005: Integrating Services for Persons with co-occurring Addiction and Mental Disorders (Dual Diagnosis). Supervised by David Mee Lee, MD. San Francisco, CA, USA.

January 2004: Reactive Attachment Disorder, Supervised by Daniel Hughes, Ph.D.

February 2004: Dealing With Resistance and Enhancing Motivation for Change: Individual, Family and Systems Intervention, David Mee Lee, MD, San Francisco, CA.

September 2006 ? Present: Founder of Synergis Counseling, Psychotherapy and Consulting (www.SynergisCounseling.com), San Francisco, CA.

February 2007 ? Present: Psychotherapist, Clincal Supervisor, Alameda County Medical Center, Oakland, CA.

April ? September 2006: Psychotherapist in private practice, Midtown Counseling Associates Inc., New York, NY.

November 2005 ? August 2006: Psychotherapist at Interfaith Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York.

2004 ? 2005: Psychotherapist in private practice (Cypress Institute, Inc.), San Francisco, CA.

2002 ? 2005: Psychotherapist and Program Coordinator at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs, San Francisco, CA, USA.

1997 ? 1999: Medical doctor at County Hospital Timisoara, Romania.

2009 - Present: ?DIFFERENCES: Psycho-Socio-Anthropological Exercises?. A collection of writings that integrate concepts from: systems theory and anthropology (Salvador Minuchin, Murray Bowen, Gregory Bateson, Paul Watzlawick), sociology (Anthony Giddens), philosophy (Jean Baudrillard), psychology, politics (George Soros) psychotherapy and theater (Roger Grainger) (www.theangelwhowasnot.blogspot.com).

2010: Addiction and Chemical Dependency: An Interdisciplinary and Systemic Approach, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA, USA.

2010: The Angel Who Was Not: A Systemic and Multidisciplinary Approach to Social Depression, published in the volume Creative Art Therapies and Depression, Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

May 2009: Encounter, Separation, Togetherness. Drama Therapy training for creative professionals, Bogota D.C., Colombia.

March 2009: Assertion, Aggression, Affirmation, workshop for stressed professionals, San Francisco, CA.

October 2008: Surviving the Freedom of Choosing Our Feelings: Existential Drama Therapy and Addictive Behavior, published in the volume The Use of Creative Arts Therapies with Chemical Dependency Issues, Stephanie L. Brooke (Editor), Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

September 2007: The Sacred and the Profane Food: Ritual and Compulsion in Eating Disorder, published in Creative Arts Therapies and Eating Disorders, Stephanie L. Brooke (Editor), Charles C. Thomas Publishers.

November 2006 - Present: Synergis Forum: Series of Lectures at Synergis Counseling, Psychotherapy and Consulting.

2005 ? 2006: Individuality and Belonging: Creating and Maintaining Meaningful Social Relationships.
Dependence, Independence, Interdependence: Freedom and Enslavement in Addiction.

June 2005: Individuation, Individuality, Individualism: The Politics and Therapy of Separation, workshop presented at the International Family Therapy Conference, Washington, D.C.

December 2002: Social Loneliness, Anxiety and Addiction: Using Aesthetic Distance in Drama Therapy, graduation paper from California Institute of Integral Studies. Coordinator: Judith Glass, PhD.

July 1997: The Premises of Play Therapy. The Precocious Intervention, medical school graduation thesis. Coordinator: Violeta Stan, MD, Child Psychiatrist, President of the organization Save the Children, Timisoara Branch.

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